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5 Minute Daily Learning Options

Books about Shalom

  • Daily content packed lessons with practical tools and expert advice.
  • Each lesson suggests a step that readers can take to infuse their lives with shalom.
  • Each chapter includes an interview with a rabbi, mental health professional or educator who provides an expert’s perspective.

Books about Shmiras Haloshon

A Personal Growth Approach to Speech

  • Practical scenarios teach halachos,
  • Explores the middos behind speech
  • Builds awareness, sensitivity
  • Follows Rav Segal’s Shmiras Haloshon Yomi calendar [4 month cycle]

The Perfect Family Project

  • Daily learning for children to adults
  • Includes insights, stories and parables
  • Follows Rav Segal’s Shmiras Haloshon Yomi calendar [4 month cycle]

What You Say and Why It Matters

  • Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz’s trademark halachic clarity
  • Halachah and haskkafah each day [sefer Chofetz Chaim and Shmiras Haloshon]
  • 6-month learning cycle

Rav Segal’s Recipe for Yeshuos

  • 2 halachos a day, according to Rav Segal’s calendar [4-month cycle]
  • Adapted from Sefer Chofetz Chaim
  • Special section on shidduchim

A Shmiras Haloshon Adventure

  • Yisrael and Meir learn as they travel the globe
  • 31 positive and negative mitzvos of speech
  • Lively text and gorgeous graphics

A Thrilling Journey Through the Past

  • Yisrael and Meir visit people and places from history
  • Vivid illustrations engage young readers
  • 30 halachos clearly explained for children

Books about Ona'as Devarim

The Key to Love and Friendship

  • Daily learning on positive speech
  • Growth tools for each day
  • Realistic life scenarios

A World of Positive Relationships

  • Build sensitivity to others
  • Gain insight into yourself
  • Daily lessons; relatable scenarios

Positive Word Power for Children

  • Page-turning Libby Lazewnik adventure
  • Brings concepts of ona’as devarim to life daily
  • Brilliant illustrations

Books about Personal Growth

A Methodical Approach to Lasting Change

  • 40-day Torah-based program fostering love for fellow Jews
  • Includes self-tests on halachos
  • Daily cheshbon hanefesh encourages real growth.

Live Like a “Mentch”

  • Daily lessons in honesty, sincerity and faith
  • Spiced with fascinating stories
  • Includes the Chofetz Chaim’s moving letters

Turn Your Life into a Masterpiece

  • Based on Rabbi Fischel Schachter’s shiurim on Sefer Ahavas Chesed
  • Adds new meaning to everyday acts of kindness
  • Inspiration to act on

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© 2020 Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

© 2020 Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation