Shabbos Table

Machsom L’Fi.

Creating a Shabbos of Sweetness

Shabbos Table Machsom L’fi

Create a Shabbos of sweetness
and family harmony in your home
with the Shabbos Table Machsom L'fi

The Shabbos Table Machsom L’fi unites family members in an effort to avoid loshon hora and ona’as devarim during the Shabbos meal, freeing everyone to enjoy the uplifting atmosphere created by conversation that is positive and life-enhancing.

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“We really give pleasure

to Hashem if safeguards are put into
place to prevent one from speaking
negatively about another.

This merit is so great and so cherished
before Hakadosh Boruch Hu.

– Harav Ahron Yehudah Leib
Shteinman, zt”l

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