40 Day

Gain control over your words.

Machsom L’Fi.

Gain control over your words.

Earn merit for someone you love.

Machsom L’Fi

is the set period of time each day that people commit to focusing on the proper use of their speech.

During that time

they concentrate on avoiding
speaking, hearing, reading
or writing loshon hora
and any other forms of
forbidden speech.

Significance of an Hour

Practically, when a person
masters this mitzvah for
the limited time period
of the Machsom L’Fi,
he begins to feel
a greater sense of control
in his habits of speech,
which strengthens
his restraint throughout
the day.

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Doing a Mitzvah
for an hour

earns tremendous merit.
For Shmiras Haloshon in particular,
the Vilna Gaon states

that even one moment of restraint
earns a reward beyond
the comprehension of angels.

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