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Tzipora Perlman Milwaukee, WI

Devorah Seidel Brooklyn NY

Leah Levine North York

Ari Sperling Baltimore

Nechama Lapa Lakewood

Gittel Krohn Brooklyn

Judy Kamber north bellmore

Esther Becker United States

Shoshi Harris London

Jennifer Yaffe Atlanta

Numi Adlerstein P.A.

Carlos Braverman Tel Aviv

Simcha Schwarz Baltimore, Maryland

Rikki Ovitsh Brooklyn

David Light Orange County, CA

susan itzkowitz Brooklyn, NY

Shmuel Roth Chicago, IL

Shoshana Kruger Baltimore

Chani Neumann Staten Island, NY

Adina Vann Calabasas

Rivka Greenspan Lakewood

esther landau Lakewood

Devorah Landman Brooklyn

Jeff Weinberg Silver Spring,MD

Eitan Richter Teaneck

Yossi Sobel Toronto

Daniella Fireman Lawrence, NY

Esther Klein Lakewood, NJ USA

Rabbi shmuel kamenetsky

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michael rothschild

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Nussie Mehl

chesky kauftheil

marc shama


shmiras haloshon?

The Gedolim extol the benefits.

avrohom pam zt”l

harav aharon yehuda
leib shteinman zt”l

yehuda zev segal zt”l

Parnes Hayom: L’zecher nishmas Chaim Ben Shlomo z”l Dedicated by Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Aryeh Graber and family.

Shmiras Haloshon Yomi unlocks the door to a life of harmony, positive relationships with others and unity within the Jewish people.

Parnes Hayom: L'ilui nishams Toba bas Tzvi

Dedicated by their children Michael and Erica Sommer

As a z’chus for shiduchim for all klal Yisroel

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